Information Security Services Education in Serbia / ISSES, Call for Proposals 2017 - EAC/A03/2016

Project reference number: 586474-EPP-1-2017-1-RS-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP
Project coordinator: Prof. dr Dušan Nikolić, University of Novi Sad
The goal of the ISSES project is to improve the higher education capacities in the field of Information Security in the Republic of Serbia. Entirely new courses will be developed, which will raise the competitiveness of students graduating at the participating HEIs in Serbia. Compared to the current situation in which there are no laboratories supporting education in this field, the project team will develop state-of-the-art laboratories which will allow the students to gain hands-on experience directly transferable to the information security industry. The information security teachers and researchers working at the four Serbian HEIs involved in this project and at other technical HEIs in Serbia do not cooperate. They often invest redundant efforts to prepare teaching materials for the same courses taught at different institutions. This project will strive to standardize information security education in Serbia, by jointly developing and sharing teaching materials between the partners. This will allow them to avoid effort duplication and to focus on their key expertise, e.g. UB on digital forensics, UNS on critical infrastructure security.
A subset of the courses built during the project will be novel on a regional and European level, as well, e.g. Security and privacy in the Internet of Things, Cloud Security, Secure Software Development. The hybrid Critical Infrastructure Security + Network Security + Cloud Security laboratory planned to be built at P1 will be more advanced than its role model industrial testbed at P3 because of the inclusion of the cloud computing element. Together with the other two hybrid laboratories built at P5 and P9, it will allow teachers and researchers to carry out cutting-edge teaching and research activities. The Digital Forensics Laboratories (DF Lab) will be also equipped with the latest hardware and software, allowing Serbian HEIs to transfer up-to-date knowledge to students and conduct research activities.

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